Left handed young boy wearing glasses reluctant to do homework not paying attention, staring into space.

There’s no single, definitive diagnostic test for ADHD — no blood analysis, no brain scan, no genetic screening — so diagnosis of ADHD is not a quick or simple task. Child or Teen ADHD assessments at The Edinburgh Practice are carried out by our Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.  The clinical evaluation of ADHD is comprehensive and multidimensional and capture its impact on home, school and social functioning. 


Our Assessment Process

The assessment process is completed over two stages:


Stage 1:

At the first appointment, you and your child or teenager will meet with one of our Consultant Psychiatrists for a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment. The aim of this initial consultation is to gain a thorough developmental history, to discuss current difficulties that your child or teenager is experiencing both at home and in school, and to investigate any co-existing conditions that may be present. At the end of this appointment, you will be provided with the Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales. These scales are completed by parents and a teacher at your child’s school.

Stage 2:

Once completed and returned to the practice, these forms, along with the information gathered at the initial consultation, will be reviewed by the psychiatrist to determine whether your child meets the DSM-V diagnostic criteria for ADHD. You and your child will be invited to attend a formulation session where the results of the assessment will be given. If a formal diagnosis is given and medication is indicated, your child’s treatment will usually be initiated at the end of this session. Shortly after this appointment, a comprehensive report will be sent out to you and to your child’s GP and school (with your permission).



The cost of a full ADHD assessment is £1750




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