Full Educational Assessment for Adults and Children.

At The Edinburgh Practice, we specialise in assessments for dyslexia and other related learning difficulties such as dyscalculia (difficulty with numbers) and dysgraphia (difficulties with handwriting). Our highly specialist Educational Psychologist conducts a comprehensive assessment which enables you to seek the support you or your child requires at school, in a further education establishment or in the workplace. 


Why have an Educational Assessment?

  • Children or teenagers with additional support needs, such as specific learning difficulties, may be entitled to additional support within school.

  • Full educational assessments for secondary aged pupils includes assessment for alternative exam arrangements.

  • Pupils with disabilities and learning difficulties- from physical disabilities through to neurodevelopmental disorders such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder and ASD will often have problems in coping with tests and examinations, especially under time-limited conditions.

  • Pupils with ASD struggling with anxiety from heightened levels of anxiety through to anxiety disorders may benefit from alternative exam arrangements such as quiet individual space, breaks, additional time or time prompts.

  • Adults too are entitled to support and consideration of their particular needs; students entering higher education are often provided with additional technology and academic input to support their studies, and within the workplace, employers can be requested to consider adjustments to help maximise an employers’ success and productivity.

The Assessment Process

In addition to the use of standardised assessment tools, a full educational assessment will also include, as and when appropriate, history-taking, structured and standardised questionnaires and rating scales, liaising with other professionals (with permission) and most importantly listening to the individual and seeking their views.  This is all carried out by our educational psychologist, Julie Smith.

An assessment can last up to 5 hours split over two or three sessions. Our practice provides a quiet, private space to help put people at ease, allowing them to relax during the most realistic view of an individual’s abilities and difficulties. 

Our full educational assessment includes a comprehensive report that can be shared with school staff, employer or universities. This will be completed within four weeks post assessment.

Julie Smith - Educational Psychologist

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