Skype / Phone Consultation

Here at The Edinburgh Practice we understand that it may not be possible for all of our clients to attend their therapy sessions in person.

It may be more convenient for those who are unable to travel to the clinic as they may be living outside of Edinburgh, however we also offer this for clients who are struggling to come in due to emotional or psychial health difficulties.

All of the psychologists at The Edinburgh Practice offer telephone and Skype sessions. Agreement about whether this intervention is appropriate to the nature of your difficulties will be made after the initial assessment over the phone or Skype.

  • Skype and telephone therapy has a number of advantages, one of the main ones being the level of flexibility that it offers to people. So, some clients may not want to kind of add the travel time to getting to a therapy session and back. You may have already had a relationship with your therapist and then start working overseas, and so it enables continuity of care, you to continue seeing your therapist in a really flexible way.
  • If your therapist makes the clinical judgement that telephone or Skype therapy isn’t appropriate due to the nature of your presenting difficulties or any other complicating factors then they will communicate this to you.

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