Statement from Dr Fiona Wilson following a phishing attack on Tuesday 27th April, 2021:

Dr Fiona Wilson, Clinical Director of The Edinburgh Practice, said: “Our business was targeted in a sophisticated phishing attack last week which resulted in scammers specifically accessing email addresses.


We were alerted to the breach within minutes of it happening and immediately took action which involved locating and removing the phisher from our systems, securing all our email traffic and alerting those clients whose information we believed may have potentially been compromised. We want to assure our clients that we acted swiftly and decisively to deal with this issue.

As well as working with IT and data experts to close the breach, secure our data and contact those likely to be impacted, we also contacted the police and the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Given the nature of the services we provide, we take client confidentiality very seriously at The Edinburgh Practice and operate robust digital security and GDPR-compliant data practices. We have also implemented additional procedures to give us and our clients further assurance.

Thankfully, the impact was minimised as far as possible, and we have worked with various cyber and security experts to deliver additional levels of protection.


The ICO has already advised us that they are satisfied with the action taken and have closed the case..


We apologise to anyone who may have been distressed by this incident. We would like to thank our clients and members of the public who have been incredibly supportive over the past week.



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