Our Memory Clinic is a specialist service for adults over the age of 18 presenting with potential cognitive difficulties.


Why might I need an appointment at the Memory Clinic?

A memory clinic appointment may be helpful to consider if you may have noticed a change in yourself or a loved one, in one or more of the following areas;

  • Memory        
  • Language       
  • Problem solving      
  • Attention        
  • Visuospatial abilities

Or if you think yourself or a loved one may have Dementia.

If you think you or a loved one may have Dementia it can be helpful to receive a diagnosis as early as possible as this allows you and your family to have the best chance to prepare for the future and provides access to any treatments which could be helpful.


With early diagnosis, treatment and support from health care professionals with expertise in the field, people with Dementia can live lives which are fulfilling, active and in line with their values.


Difficulties with cognition including memory are not always due to Dementia and can be due to mental health difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress), side effects of medication and certain physical health problems, including pain and delirium.


Our Memory Clinic Assessments are carried out by Consultant Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists with expertise in the field of memory, cognition, Dementia, and neuropsychology.


Upon reviewing your referral, we can offer a 90 minute Consultation with our Consultant Psychiatrist. This appointment will include taking a detailed history of your difficulties, gathering collateral information from someone who knows you well and completing some tasks in session to formally assess cognition. Our Consultant will then gather all of this information together and consider what the next best steps are for you.


Based on the Memory Clinic assessment from our Consultant Psychiatrist we may at this stage be able to provide a diagnosis if appropriate and suggest potential medical and/or psychological treatment options. You will also be provided with a report summarising the assessment and recommendations.


Cost of 90 minute Memory Clinic Consultation: £560

Alternatively, the Memory Clinic assessment may conclude that further in-depth neuropsychological testing is required to establish the potential underlying cause of cognitive impairment. If this is the most helpful next step you will then meet with one of our Clinical Psychologists to carry out a detailed Neuropsychological Assessment.


A Neuropsychological Assessment will involve an initial clinical interview where further assessment information will be gathered from you and someone who knows you well. You will then meet with the Clinical Psychologist for further appointments to undertake standardised neuropsychological assessments, this can take approximately 3-4 hours. Undertaking a neuropsychological assessment will involve answering a range questions, completing some written assessments and practical tasks.


Following the assessment our team will bring together all of the information gathered, analyse and interpret this and provide a written report which outlines the assessment process, findings and any diagnosis which is suitable, as well as future recommendations for
psychological and psychiatric treatment. You will have a feedback appointment to discuss the outcome of the assessment and potential future treatment options.


Cost of Memory Clinic Consultation and Neuropsychological Assessment: £2500






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