Update: Our Nutritional Therapist is on Maternity Leave until March 2021

About Nutritional Therapy:
Our nutritional therapist practices an evidence-based, functional medicine practice that supports an improvement in and/or maintenance of good health. Looking at the body as one interconnected network of systems, our nutritional therapist searches for the root cause of health concerns rather than treating the concerns topically or acutely. Ultimately, Nutritional Therapy aims to drive the improvement of wellbeing through specific dietary changes in terms of food, menus and programs, as well as movement and lifestyle guidance.


Connecting Mental and Emotional Wellbeing with Nutrition:
The nutritional therapist looks at the dietary connections between the body’s systemic balance and mental health. Well-researched links between our nutrition and mental wellbeing include those linked to depression, anxiety, ADHD and Autism, BPD and schizophrenia. Nutritional imbalances and/or deficiencies associated with mental health concerns include essential fatty acids, Vitamin D, antioxidants, Vitamin C, as well as the over-consumption of processed and refined foods. All of these can have a knock-on inflammatory effect on all systems of the body, including the mind. In addition to clinical assessment, our nutritional therapist can refer for testing on:

  • Nutrient status (including Vitamin D, essential fatty acids, mineral status)
  • Gut and the microbiome
  • Genetic testing on e.g. methylation
  • Hormone testing – male and female hormone status
Connecting overarching Wellbeing with Nutrition:
Alongside mental wellbeing, our nutritional therapist also reviews the following areas:
  • Energy & immune function: Frequent colds or infections, fatigue, energy fluctuations
  • Skin, Hair, Nail Health: Ageing, dry skin, acne, rashes, psoriasis, thinning hair 
  • Gut & digestion issues: Heartburn, indigestion, bloating, gas, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea
  •  Bodyfat & weight management: excess bodyfat, fluctuating bodyweight, obesity
  •  Systemic assessment of the liver, thyroid, adrenal health, environmental toxin and pollution exposure, stress and sleep for all age groups. 
What happens at the initial consultation?
Our Registered Nutritionist (mBANT) supports and guides The Edinburgh Practice clients in need of dietary and lifestyle support for better mental health, as well as emotional and physical wellbeing. Through a detailed nutrition and wellbeing assessment, your nutritionist uses a functional medicine model to assess the underlying cause of symptoms, rather than “putting a plaster on” the symptoms themselves.
From your first 90 minute consultation you will receive specific dietary and food changes unique to your concerns, a sample menu, a supplement shopping cart of recommendations and Functional and GP testing suggestions. You can choose to see our nutritionist for a single session or over a period of weeks or months. In some cases, clients may choose to start more detailed programmes for more regular guidance over a set period of time. 


There are now well-researched links between our nutrition and mental wellbeing. From depression and anxiety, to ADHD and Autism, Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Nutritional associations with mental health concerns can include an imbalance in essential fatty acids, Vitamin D, antioxidants, Vitamin C, specific minerals as well as processed and refined foods. 

During your first clinical assessment, our Nutritionist may refer for testing through the GP, and onto Functional Laboratories for:
Nutrient status: e.g. Vitamin D, essential fatty acids, mineral status
Gut, digestion and microbiome
Detoxification status
Genetics: e.g. metabolism and methylation
Hormones: e.g. male and female sex hormones, stress hormones
Thyroid function
Allergy testing
Inflammatory status
Weight management markers


(Only current clients have access to the questionnaire above)


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