Common problems seen by our Occupational Therapist


Children & Teenagers

  • Assessment regarding sensory processing difficulties
  • Strategies/advice for children and teens, their parents/carers/siblings /school staff with regard how to manage sensory difficulties. 
  • Assessment of children with regard to gross motor, fine motor and perceptual skills including contributing to a diagnosis of possible Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia).
  • Strategies/advice and programmes to develop fine and gross motor skills, handwriting, self-care skills such as cutlery skills, dressing and toileting. Empowering the child to have a Can-Do attitude in order for them to achieve their potential.
  • Workshops for parents with regard to Developmental Coordination Disorder and Sensory Processing Difficulties, explaining how the child might present, to be aware of the clinical signs as well as advice and strategies to help children and their families cope and manage at home and in school. Providing skills and knowledge to parents to enable them to support their child.
  • Helping parents and children post diagnosis with conditions such as ASD and ADHD with regard to managing motor, self-care and sensory difficulties.
  • Information to parents with regard to any resources or equipment that may benefit their child e.g. writing slopes, move’n’sit cushion, pencil grips, fidget tools, adapted cutlery.
  • Advice to parents regarding what local leisure activities or classes may benefit  their child



  • Assessment regarding sensory processing difficulties
  • Strategies/advice for adults and their family/work colleagues with regard how to manage sensory difficulties.




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