At The Edinburgh Practice we can offer Occupational Therapy services across the lifespan, our Occupational Therapists offer assessment and support to; children, teenagers, adults and older adults.

What can Occupational Therapy help me with?

At the core of Occupational Therapy is the use of meaningful activity to promote quality of life and psychological wellbeing. Often mental health difficulties and neurodevelopmental disorders can impact upon a person’s ability to accomplish everyday activities in the way they would like to.

Our Occupational Therapists can support you to overcome challenges in your everyday life, by understanding what difficulties are arising and developing strategies to support you to be able to engage with the activities you choose to your fullest potential.

What specific areas do we offer support for?

Our Occupational Therapy team offer a range of assessments and intervention services, including, but not limited to, the following areas:

Sensory assessment

  • Play Therapy
  • Falls assessment
  • Assessment of activities of daily living, including home adaptations and assessments for care packages
  • Pacing and fatigue management
  • Vocational support, including staying well at work plans and reasonable adjustments to the workplace
  • Cognition and memory support strategies and interventions
  • Rehabilitation which may include focusing on engagement in meaningful activity and assistance with routine and structure

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