We understand that managing face-to-face appointments can be difficult for many to arrange and therefore we are pleased to announce that we now offer remote therapy to those who are unable to attend in person.

We have included some information below including the benefits of online therapy, along with additional questions you may have.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy can be very beneficial to those who are unable to manage face to face appointments.

One of the main benefits of online therapy is that it ensures there are no disruptions in your daily life. You can remotely login to your session from home without having to worry about the stress of travelling into the practice, paying for parking/travel or booking childcare.

Another added benefit is the secure Video/Voice encryption tools we use to carry out our sessions. The Edinburgh Practice uses Zoom for all online video sessions and the data transmitted during meetings, webinars, chat sessions are encrypted and secure. Zoom is compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement. They also have a GDPR compliance statement on their website – Zoom GDPR Statement.

During your Zoom meeting, you will also be able to transmit any files or documents directly to your clinician through the video call, meaning you do not have to worry about printing documents out and bringing them along to your session.

How is Online Therapy Different?

There is very little difference in online therapy as opposed to face to face therapy.

Once the clinical director has received your completed referral form and is aware you are seeking remote therapy as opposed to Face-to-face therapy, we will then reach out to you with a time and date to remotely login to your session. Once this has been confirmed, we will then send you a Zoom link and ask that you click the link on the time/date of your appointment. From there, you and your clinician will both automatically connect.

Your clinician may then ask  at the end of your session if you would like to book in again for another online session or you will be asked to book a follow up appointment with the administration team.

What If I Stuggle with Technology?

Moving to online therapy can be daunting, especially if this is not by choice; however The Edinburgh Practice Administration Team are always on hand to support you if you are having any difficulty connecting.

We will send you a link directly to the clinicians meeting, therefore you do not need to make a Zoom account to attend the meeting.

Can I Talk to my Clinician via Telephone Instead?

Yes, this is absolutely fine. If you would prefer to speak with your clinciain via telephone instead of Zoom, we will pass your number onto your therapist/psychiatrist and they will likely call you from a withheld number.

What are the Costs?

All our current and up to date prices can be found here.


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