Registering with us

Below you will find a list of our up to date booking forms. In order to arrange an appointment or assessment, please click on the relevant form and either print or download the form to complete. When you have finished the form, please either post it back to our address or submit it to us via our submission box below. 

Please note: that we will not accept referrals sent to us via email.

A GP referral is not required to access our services,  however we welcome GP referrals in addition to a completed self-referral form  should you feel that your GP will provide us with helpful and important information. 

As a private mental health practice, there will times where we will feel that we are not the service best suited to meet your/your child’s clinical needs. Once we have reviewed your referral form, if we feel that we are not able to meet your clinical needs safely and effectively we will advise you of this. We will also try, where possible, to signpost you to a service that we feel may be more appropriate.

Additionally, as a private practice, we are not able to offer emergency appointments or provide care where we feel there is a high level of clinical risk, this may include risk to self-and/or risk to others. Some examples of difficulties we may not be able to offer ongoing support for include significant/severe self-harm, recent/current attempted suicide, active psychosis, moderate-severe eating disorders, severe alcohol/drug use and significant violence and aggression towards others.

It is also important to be aware that clinical risk is assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the therapeutic journey. Therefore, should we feel at any stage that we are no longer the best service to provide support to you, we will discuss this with you directly and try to direct you to the most appropriate form of support outwith the practice. We risk assess each referral to consider the factors mentioned above to ensure that we provide safe and effective care and to ensure that we are providing services aligned with our duty of care.

April 2023
We continue to work hard to meet the high demand for our psychology services and our team has recently expanded to meet this demand. Therefore, at present, we are pleased to report that there is currently no waiting time for child or adult psychology referrals.

If you are added to a waiting list at The Edinburgh Practice we will try to provide you with information on an estimated waiting time where possible. We would like to let you know that these time scales are always approximate waiting times and not a guaranteed date for when we will be able to offer you an appointment. We wish it was possible to offer an exact date but due to the nature of the services we offer, waiting times can vary. This may mean that you are provided with an appointment date sooner or later than the approximate waiting time.

Adult Booking Forms

Please click one of the blue-green buttons below to download the Adult Booking Form that best suits your needs. 

Child & Adolescent Booking Forms

Please click one of the gold buttons below to download the Child & Adolescent Booking Form that best suits your needs. 

Your referral can be submitted here

What Happens Next?

Once you have submitted your referral form, you will receive a confirmation email from the administration team that your form has been received and passed onto the Clinical Lead for review. You may not hear from us for a little while during this process, but please do not worry as your form undergoes 3 stages before you hear from us:


Stage 1: Once we have received your referral, the team will then encrypt the file and pass this onto the Clinical Lead for review. Once your referral has been reviewed, the Clinical Lead will ask the administration team to forward your referral to the clinician the Clinical Lead feels would be best suited to meet your/your child’s needs.

On occasions, we will feel that we are not the service best placed to meet your/your child’s needs. We will always inform you of this and try to outline where we feel you would be best suited to explore support outwith the practice.


Stage 2: Once the team have sent your referral to the allocated clinician, the team must wait until we receive a response from the clinician. As our consultants work  on a part time and self-employed basis, there can occasionally be a short delay at this stage of the process. The clinician will then update the Clinical Lead as to whether they are able to accept the referral, and whether they are able to offer an appointment straight away or add your referral to their waiting list.


Stage 3: As soon as we have received a response from the allocated clinician, the team will reach out to you directly to offer a time and date for the initial appointment. Alternatively, if your referral has been added to a waiting list, we will reach out to update you of this.


We do our best to respond to referrals within 1-2 weeks of receiving your form, therefore if you have not heard from us after 2 weeks, please feel free to drop us an email and the administration team will look into this for you.


Please note, The Edinburgh Practice DOES NOT have the facility to offer emergency appointments.


Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.


Your prescription request has been received. Please allow up to 14 days for this to be processed.