Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy

People usually seek psychosexual therapy when a sexual concern, change in sexual well-being or in some aspect of physical sexual function is causing the individual or couple difficulty in sexual expression, distress or unwanted sexual avoidance.

While transient sexual concerns or difficulties can occur at any time in our lives, changes to our sexual well-being increase in frequency as we get older.

Sexual difficulties often occur during times of significant life change such as the start of an intimate relationship, following childbirth, during periods of relationship difficulties, work difficulties, after trauma, the loss of an intimate partner, or at the time of menopause transition. Sexual difficulties also occur more frequently following diagnosis and treatment for common physical or emotional health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, depression and during times of stress or anxiety.

Among women the most commonly reported sexual concerns are loss of sexual interest and difficulty in becoming aroused, orgasmic difficulties and sexual pain. Among men the most commonly reported problems are difficulties getting or keeping an erection, rapid ejaculation and low sexual interest.

While many people experience a temporary reduction in sexual well-being, for others sexual concerns or difficulties affect the majority of their sexual encounters and are a source of concern for one or both partners.

Psychosexual therapy may be particularly helpful when individuals or couples have sexual difficulties that cause the person or couple distress and where they would like professional support to help them to overcome / resolve or manage such difficulties. Whatever the reason, it takes courage to seek help and our skilled and compassionate Psychosexual Therapist is here to support you and any partner to meet these goals.

Our Expertise

  • Difficulty in achieving climax or orgasm
  • Difficulty in becoming / feeling sexually aroused
  • Difficulty in controlling ejaculation (rapid ejaculation)
  • Difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection (men)
  • Low sexual confidence, sexual fear or sexual avoidance
  • Low sexual interest or significant differences in sexual desire between partners that causes distress to the individual or couple
  • Sexual adjustment or changes relating to illness, physical health problems and medical treatments
  • Sexual difficulties associated with childbirth
  • Sexual pain
  • Vaginal changes (dryness, narrowing or shortening) that cause sexual difficulty

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I was looking for a change of scene after working in hospitality for 14 years and have always had an interest in mental health. 
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