Student Psychology Services

Mental wellbeing is crucial to every student’s academic outcome and experience of university life. Yet recent statistics in the UK show that 1 in 4 students struggle with mental health difficulties. This likely reflects the reality that university can be a challenging time for many students, a period of instability, change and stress in which it’s easy to feel unsupported, particularly if family are living at a distance.

How We Can Help

The Edinburgh Practice has built relationships with universities and other academic institutions in Edinburgh and across Scotland. We have developed expertise in working with students who might be suffering from stress, exam anxiety, life adjustment due to moving to a new country, relationship difficulties, social isolation or any form of common emotional difficulties.

If you are a student suffering from emotional difficulties, we can offer you a comprehensive psychological or psychiatric assessment of your needs. Following this, we can offer you psychiatric management or psychological therapy using the most appropriate therapeutic approach.

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