The Edinburgh Practice has established itself within Scotland as a leader in the field of mental health and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care and clinical excellence. Therefore, we are seeking applicants in the following specialities: 


We are currently seeking Clinical/Counselling Psychologists and Psychotherapists to join our expanding team in child and adult mental health. We are welcoming all applicants and those especially interested in working with neurodevelopmental disorders (child/adult) and an interest in working with children under 12 years of age. 


Due to increased demand, we are currently inviting psychiatrists to join our team. In particular, those specialising in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and General Adult Psychiatrists with a special interest in ADHD. 

Speech and Language Therapists

We are looking for a speech and language therapist to join our SLT team! Please get in touch for more information.


Why Work at The Edinburgh Practice?

Opportunity to work in a central, warm, comfortable and welcoming brand new clinic with a supportive team around you. 

As we are open 7 days per week, flexible hours which work around your existing work, life and family commitments are possible. Remote working is also a possibility.

Associates are self-employed and can benefit from a well-established and continuous referral stream which will be matched with their clinical interests. 

All invoicing and payments are handled by the practice and do not interfere with the therapeutic relationship.

Full access to our administration team who provide support with arranging clinical appointments, proof-reading reports and other operational activities. 

Access to our test library and other clinical resources.

Opportunity to benefit from CPD events provided by the practice by a wide range of clinicians who are expert in their field. 

How to Apply:
To apply, please submit your CV or equivalent to our Clinical Lead, Dr Julia Hannon, at [email protected] with a cover letter outlining your interest in the position br

update regarding work placement or shadowing opportunities

We are  unfortunately unable to offer internships/work placements or shadowing opportunities due to covid restrictions and insurance purposes. We therefore ask that you please do not email the above email to enquire about any opportunities.

July 2023


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