Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy

The Edinburgh Practice Speech and Language Therapy Service is a specialised service tailored to your child’s specific communication needs. We are a team of passionate Speech and Language Therapists who provide dedicated support for children and young people to reach their speech, language and communication potential. We utilise the most current and comprehensive therapy methods, evidence-based programmes and research techniques to achieve successful outcomes.

Our Expertise

We support a wide range of speech, language and communication needs including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and social communication difficulties
  • Developmental language disorder (DLD)
  • Language difficulties
  • Speech, language and communication needs which are secondary to another diagnosis or need
  • Speech sound difficulties

The Assessment Process

Initial Consultation

The first stage of Speech and Language Therapy assessment involves meeting with a child or young person and providing a broad assessment of their speech, language and communication skills. This will involve play or an interaction-based session, which may involve observations of parent/child interactions, and a discussion around what the concerns are and the impact of these. This will allow the Speech and Language Therapist to make recommendations on what is best for your child going forward and how you can support them in the most helpful way.

What will happen following the initial assessment?

As every child and young person is an individual with individualised needs, it is not possible to list all potential outcomes from the initial assessment. However, recommendations may include:

  • Further assessment
  • 1:1 speech and language therapy sessions
  • A speech and language therapy programme for school
  • Reassurance, advice and consultation to parents and/or teaching staff/professionals supporting a child or young person


Comprehensive assessment of Speech, Language and Communication Skills

This assessment provides a more detailed, in-depth assessment of a child/young person’s speech, language and communication skills, including receptive and expressive language, social communication and interaction, and speech sounds.

The assessment will involve a combination of:

  • Formal and informal assessment, use of standardised assessment tools where appropriate
  • Questionnaires are sent to family and education (where appropriate) to gather collateral information
  • Discussion to establish the nature and impact of any challenges
  •  If a school observation is required this will be discussed with you at your appointment

To provide detailed feedback, the therapist will collate and analyse the assessment findings. A detailed report and feedback will then be provided, this will include any relevant recommendations and next steps. This assessment can be used to assess for Developmental Language Disorder.

Our Fees


Initial Consultation


Comprehensive assessment


Speech and language therapy sessions


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👋 Welcome back to another #MeaningfulMonday! We hope everyone had a great weekend. 
💫 We’re so happy to share another great outcome from our client survey: 96% of our clients ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that they are happy with how involved they are in the therapeutic process. 
💫 At TEP, our clinicians are passionate about delivering individualised care and ensuring that every client's voice is heard and valued. We believe in creating a collaborative environment where clients feel supported and engaged in their own mental health journey. 
👏 A big thank you to our clients for taking part in the client survey. If you would like to share feedback with us, click the link in our bio!
🎉We are happy to be welcoming our new Play Therapist to Team TEP, Ellen Stevens! 
🧸Ellen specialises in psychodynamic play therapy with children between the ages of 3 and 11, with experience supporting children with a range of support needs such as anxiety, difficulties with emotional regulation, ADHD, autism, communication difficulties, experience of bullying and self-esteem challenges.
💛 Ellen’s therapeutic approach is child-centred and non-directive, meaning the child leads the way in their play and chooses toys and activities as they wish. She responds to the child’s lead in a non-judgemental and attuned way to help further deepen the child’s exploration of their inner-world through play.
Welcome to Team TEP Ellen!
⭐️ Happy #MeaningfulMonday! We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 
🙌 We are starting off the week with some positivity by sharing the results of our client satisfaction survey! We are delighted to share that 100% of our clients ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that The Edinburgh Practice provides a calm and welcoming environment. 
✨ Our reception areas and each of our clinic rooms have been carefully designed with the needs of our clients at the centre of our decision making. 
💛 Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, if you would like to share feedback with us please do so via the link in our bio.
🌟 Happy #MeaningfulMonday! We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.
😊 Today, we’re excited to share another great outcome from our client survey: 100% of our clients ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that their clinician was empathetic and understanding.
🫶 Our dedicated clinicians prioritise listening and empathy, and we’re thrilled that so many clients feel the same way. A big thank you to all our clients who provided feedback. Your views means a lot to us!
🎉 We are delighted to be welcoming a new Clinical Psychologist to Team TEP, Dr Angela Glasgow!
🌟 With many years experience working in psychological settings within the NHS and third sector, Dr Angela has worked with people across the lifespan. She has specialised in adults with severe and complex mental health difficulties such as complex trauma, psychosis, personality disorder and bipolar affective disorder. She also has extensive experience with presentations including stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, relationship issues, adjustment difficulties and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).
👩‍⚕️ Dr Angela’s clinical practice is based on a range of evidence-based therapeutic models such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR).
👏 Welcome to Team TEP, Dr Angela!
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✨ Today’s post is a little different to our usual #MeaningfulMonday. We have been collecting feedback from our clients and we are delighted to start sharing some of the results with you! 
✨ We’re thrilled to share that 98% of our clients said they were ‘very satisfied’ with TEP! Team TEP are committed to providing exceptional and personalised support to all our clients and it brings us so much joy that our clients are happy with our services.
✨ A big thank you to all our clients that have let us know what their experiences have been like. We are always looking for feedback to help improve our services!
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👋 Welcome back to #MeaningfulMonday! We hope everyone had a great weekend.
💫 Today we have some lovely feedback from one of our long-standing clients. We are so glad to hear that they are so happy with TEP. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional services to all our clients, supporting and empowering them to prioritise their mental wellbeing. 
💛 Thank you to this client for the wonderful feedback! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.