Podcast Recommendations

‘Feel Better, Live More’ with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Listeners can tune in weekly to the UK and Europe’s number one health podcast by Dr Chatterjee, a physician with over twenty years experience. With focus on health and empowerment, this podcast provides a mixture of practical tips and inspirational stories from a range of different guests. With episodes such as ‘Meditation and Mindfulness Made Easy’, ‘How to Sleep Better’ and ‘The Healing Power of Compassion’, the range of topics provided on this podcast is extensive. Whether you want to receive functional advice that you can apply to life challenges, get insight from celebrities and inspirational figures or just want to hear some compassionate words after a long day, Dr Chatterjee has an episode for you. He also provides weekly bitesize episodes for those with less time on their hands!

Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

On her award-winning podcast, Fearne Cotton speaks with a range of incredible individuals in a personal and open way. Guests open up about topics that a lot of us may be afraid to talk about, such as addiction, body insecurities, postnatal depression and more. The fact that Fearne’s guests are celebrities and other well-known figures will be particularly helpful to many, highlighting that those in the public eye go through very similar struggles to the rest of us. Discussing difficult topics in a sensitive, non-judgemental way, Fearne provides the podcast for anyone needing some support or a confidence boost.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

This light-hearted, amusing podcast encourages listeners to celebrate the moments that haven’t gone to plan. Elizabeth Day discusses personal failures with a range of different celebrities, reflecting upon the impact of this event and what can be learned from it.  One of the aims is to provide comfort to listeners, demonstrating that influential, successful people experience the same defeats as us and it did not result in disaster. ‘How to Fail’ is both uplifting and hopeful: it sends the message that we are equally defined by our successes and failures, and that we should appreciate the lessons we have learned from both.

The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santo

The Happiness Lab is here to provide listeners with scientifically supported tips to living a happier life – and they may not be what you think. For example, one episode involves Dr Santos exploring the modern ability to buy everything online, and the perception that this reduces stress and makes our lives easier. She explains that regular interactions with strangers can bring us genuine joy and the ‘convenience’ of online shopping may be causing us to subconsciously seek solitude more than necessary. Using her expertise in human cognition and cognitive biases, Dr Santos will likely shed light on your misconceptions and point out unexpected sources of happiness.

The Calmer You with Chloe Brotheridge

Wish that anxiety and stress had less of a hold on your life? Want to work towards a calmer outlook? This podcast is for you. Chloe Brotheridge, hypnotherapist and coach, provides listeners with practical tools, tips and advice for managing anxiety and stress. Alternating between solo episodes and collaborating with other health professionals, each episode unpacks stressful situations that we often find ourselves in with the aim of establishing tools to utilise during these moments. From ‘Breathwork for Anxiety’ to ‘Ways to Feel More Confident at Work’, there is an episode for everyone. The ultimate goal is to heal your anxiety through techniques that reduce self-criticism, increase self-compassion and boost confidence.