ADHD Assessments for Adults (18 years old & above)

ADHD Assessments for Adults (18 years old & above)

Our adult ADHD assessments are carried out by our Consultant Adult Psychiatrists who have specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of ADHD. Our assessments take place over the course of two sessions. Prior to the assessment, you will be given a series of questionnaires, to be filled out and returned before your assessment date. If available, you would also be asked to provide reports from your time at school.

In order to obtain a full developmental history, you will be asked to bring along a family member or friend who has known you for a long period of time.

Our ADHD assessments are carried out in line with best practice guidelines from NICE.

The Assessment Process

Stage 1: Two hour appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist

Part 1
The first part of the assessment will include the initial history taking. From here, your psychiatrist will introduce themselves and explain to you what the assessment should entail and what to expect as part of the assessment. Your psychiatrist will also ask you a variety of questions, including any concerns you may have and why you feel the assessment would be appropriate.

Break for 10-15 minutes.

Part 2
For the second part of the assessment, we ask that you bring either a family member, partner or close friend along so that your psychiatrist can carry out the developmental history part of the assessment. From here, your psychiatrist will ask the person accompanying you to the assessment some questions regarding your upbringing, your early development, and day to day difficulties that you may experience.

Stage 2:  Feedback Session

The final stage of the assessment will include a one hour feedback session. Once your psychiatrist has collated all of the information from standardised questionnaires, clinical assessment, collateral information, developmental history and their observations of you, our psychiatrist will share with you whether you meet DSM-5/ICD-11 criteria for ADHD. The psychiatrist will share their recommendations for ongoing medical and psychological treatment where appropriate. If you do receive a diagnosis of ADHD we will send you a post-diagnostic pack which shares helpful psychoeducational material about ADHD, helpful resources and information regarding additional services which are available at the practice which may be helpful for you.

A comprehensive report will also be sent to you and your GP approximately 8 weeks after the assessment.

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ADHD assessment for adults (18 years old+)


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